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  • Halifax FC v. Atletico Ottawa


    Tonight at 7PM ET

  • Panthers v. Golden Knights Game 1 JIP

    Stanley Cup Final

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  • Ray & Dregs new

    The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

    Ray Ferraro and Darren Dreger, two of the biggest names in the game, join forces for The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast.

  • James Duthie's Rubber Boots Podcast

    The Rubber Boots Podcast

    James Duthie is joined by TSN staffers Lester McLean, Sean 'Puffy' Cameron and a special guest each episode to chat sports and just about anything else.

  • Beauties - by James Duthie


    Each episode of James Duthie’s podcast focuses on incredible stories from hockey’s biggest names, greatest characters and unsung heroes.

  • Bump and Run - Bob Weeks and Jamie Reidel

    Bump and Run

    TSN's Bob Weeks and Jamie Reidel bring you a TSN Golf podcast on the latest news in the world of Golf.

  • BarDown Podcast

    The BarDown Podcast

    A hockey podcast that doesn’t talk about last night’s scores. The BarDown podcast will investigate, uncover and explore long-form stories at the intersection of sports, pop culture, technology. We’re answering the hockey questions that no one asked.

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Sep 18, 2018

Katsaros: Hard to see how Sens would finish anywhere but the bottom 5 in the NHL

Steve and Todd are joined by McKeen's Hockey Analyst Gus Katsaros to talk about the publications season primer, they tee up the NHL season and how McKeen's evaluates players.

Gus Katsaros - September 18, 2018

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  • 6h ago

    Tee It Up - June 3, 2023

    Kevin and Jake return for 2 hours of Tee It Up as they gear you up for the Canadian Open and US Open, Billy Horschel's candid comments after shooting 85, and tips for not problem solving and not letting the game wear you down emotionally.

  • Jun 2

    The Drive - June 2, 2023 - Hour 3

    Lee and AJ are joined by Rob Rossi of The Athletic to talk Kyle Dubas to Pittsburgh. After that, they talk some CFL with notable artists performing at home openers, finding one for the RedBlacks, and a couple QB's that stood out last night.

  • Jun 2

    In The Box - Hour 3

    Steve and Kenny are joined Grant Larson of the Ottawa Titans, they chat about DeBrincat, his next contract, they chat about Auston Matthews and read some of your messages to the show.

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