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Bob Weeks

TSN Senior Reporter


PING has always been a company that refused to release products until it felt it had perfected its creation. It’s always tried to ensure the product would perform and be an improvement before bringing it to market. That seems to be the case in the new line of putters, the Heppler.

For the first time in the company’s history, PING utilized high-pressure aluminum casting in creating the attractive family of blades, mid-mallets and mallets that feature solid face technology and properties that create high inertia. The result is a gaggle of putters that are stable, sleek and different.

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The name of the club pays tribute to a long-time employee, Rick Heppler, who died tragically in a motorcycle accident in 2013. That’s another PING trait – building a family through its employees.

The putters – there are nine different models -- all feature a very attractive copper and black appearance, and deliver a firmer feel. That feel is a result of the face being machined flat. Depending on the model, the face is either steel (blade models) or multi-material (mid-mallets and mallets) and strategically positioned to maximize forgiveness.

Depending on the model and design, the faces of the putters are either made from steel or aluminum.

The putters also have an interesting sound when struck. PING says its research shows “the auditory feedback of the flat metal face had a positive effect on the player’s confidence by providing a distinct impact experience without compromising performance.” As most golfers know, sound equates to feel, so these models will deliver in that all-important area too.

The Heppler line also comes with PING’s Black Chrome adjustable-length shaft. The shaft is easy to use and the mechanism to alter the length is concealed beneath the grip, allowing golfers to customize anywhere between 32 and 36 inches to fit their stroke and posture. It’s been made a bit stiffer than the initial model which debuted in the Sigma and that will give more feedback.

The putters will retail for $320 (blade) and $350 (mallet).