NHL head coaches Craig Berube of the St. Louis Blues, Rod Brind'Amour of the Carolina Hurricanes and Rick Tocchet of the Arizona Coyotes held a video chat on Friday, where they spoke about how much they have missed the game and also stressed the importance of everyone's health and how safety is a priority right now.

Craig Berube: It’s bigger than hockey, it’s bigger than all sports, what’s going on. The most important thing is to fix this, get healthy and stay safe. Hopefully we can get back to playing, we all miss it, we want to play. As coaches, the players all want to be playing, they want hockey back. We just have to be patient, we’ll get through this. The most important thing is to stay healthy and stay safe.

Rod Brind'Amour: Make sure our guys are staying safe first and then if we get any inkling that maybe we’re coming back on the horizon soon, I think we’ll change gears. Right now, we’re kind of preparing for next year in a lot of ways.

Rick Tocchet: I miss the fans, not so much the Coyotes fans, the great fans of the Coyotes, but going into Carolina, the Caniacs to see how loud they are or going to play St. Louis, that stupid bell goes off every time they score a goal, I miss that stuff. I won’t take that stuff for granted and I think our players shouldn’t, we’re very lucky we’re in this sport. It’s been taken away because of this crisis we’re in, hopefully when we come back, we can put some joy in people’s lives again with some entertainment.