REGINA — Saskatchewan RCMP say they are preparing to talk to Crown prosecutors about potential charges in the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, but they can't say exactly when that will happen.

Police say they are still investigating the April 6 collision. They have previously said that a semi-trailer unit was in a rural Saskatchewan intersection when the truck and the junior hockey team's bus collided while the Broncos were on their way to a playoff game in Nipawin.

"We're still working through a number of reports, data, interview material for the investigation," Supt. Derek Williams said Tuesday. "We are just waiting for some expert reports to be completed and peer reviewed so we can have a good discussion with our provincial Crown prosecution team here in the province."

Sixteen people — including 10 players — were killed and another 13 players were injured. The driver of the semi-trailer was not hurt. He was taken into custody immediately after the collision and released later that evening.

Williams said investigators talk to the driver on a regular basis.

"We remain in contact with him."

Consulting with the Crown about charges is standard practice in any serious, sensitive and complex case, said Williams.

"We need the evidence and facts first, and that's what is ... adding to the extra time here to work through that process."

Williams said he couldn't say what charges could be considered. He also couldn't say when that conversation will happen, but said it could still be weeks or months before the investigation is complete.

"We need to get it right and that will take some time," said Williams.

"It's been a priority from Day 1. We've certainly invested a number of resources to bring us to this point and we will continue to do so."

— By Colette Derworiz in Edmonton. Follow @cderworiz on Twitter