Evander Kane took to Twitter on Wednesday night to respond to an Instagram comment telling him to "stick to basketball."

Kane, 28, said he heard the same comment in the playoffs this past spring while playing against the Colorado Avalanche. He captioned his statement, "I like basketball but my profession is HOCKEY. Thanks."

"This is what I'm talking about, happens all the time just never publicly talked about and just ignored," Kane wrote. "This exact thing was shouted at me in the penalty box in Denver during game 4. It's racially motivated, IT IS a problem in society and in SPORTS. 

"There is focus on racism in football, basketball and baseball. But in the Hockey world it's easier to ignore, dismiss and forget because let's face the facts hockey is a white sport. But there are black players in the league and other minorities in our sport. Time to notice it, and give it the attention it's deserves. The old way of thinking is done!"

Kane, a veteran of 10 seasons in the NHL, has spoken out on racism within the sport in the past. He told The Mercury News last year that he believes he received more criticism than other athletes would of for posing for a photo with money to his ear in 2012. 

“It something that’s been done before by many athletes,” Kane said, said of the incident. “Because I was in Winnipeg, in a Canadian city, it obviously bothered some people. Wes Welker (New England Patriots receiver) is at the Kentucky Derby throwing around money, and he’s considered a great guy. Fun and charismatic.

“If you don’t acknowledge (the racial element) to some degree, you’re living in the shadows. It’s an older mentality and something that (hockey) hasn’t caught up to. There’s nothing wrong with lights, camera, action and embracing the entertainment side of sports. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough guys who want to do that or think it’s important to do that. If you look at the four major sports, that’s why hockey ranks fourth.”

The Vancouver native scored 30 goals and posted 56 points in 75 games last season.