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Here are a couple of topics from this week's edition that stood out.


What's the latest on Trouba?

Bob McKenzie: "...I can tell you this, I know of teams that have really signifcant interest in Trouba. Amongst them - Arizona, Boston, Colorado, Detroit and the Rangers. On top of that I know there are a bunch of other teams that have either kicked tires now or back in the summer when they first heard about this being a possibility. The Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Toronto...I can go on and on. I mean, who isn't interested in a right-shot defenceman who does what Jacob Trouba does..."

What does the present and future hold for Fleury and the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Bob McKenzie: "For those who say you can't lose Marc-Andre Fleury in the expansion draft, there's a couple of ways you can go here. No. 1 - two or three weeks before the expansion draft starts, Las Vegas will get permission to start making deals. 

And there's nothing to stop a general manager like Jim Rutherford - or any GM in the league for that matter - calling up GM George McPhee in Las Vegas and saying, 'Hey, here's an inducement, here's a second-round pick,' for example to NOT take this guy off our roster, could be Marc-Andre Fleury, could be Matt Murray, whatever. Those types of deals in an expansion draft are done all the time. 

It really goes back to this point - if the Pittsburgh Penguins really want to win the Stanley Cup again and if holding on to Fleury and to Murray is the way to do it, then they'll do it. Now the real wrinkle in all that is if Matt Murray comes back and emerges - re-emerges - as the No. 1 goaltender and Marc-Andre Fleury is sitting on the bench, he's not going to be happy about that - no chance, no how. He's too proud a guy, he's too talented a goaltender to see himself as just Matt Murray's caddie. 

He's got a full no-move clause, so he's going to totally dictate the terms and conditions on when and where he could be moved. And I think the Penguins will be sensitive to that IF the situation arises. I mean, who knows - maybe Fleury's going to re-establish himself as the No. 1 guy and it's Murray that's the odd man out..." 

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