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Bob Weeks

TSN Senior Reporter


You’d have to make a pretty good iron if you were planning on replacing one that’s already among the best in the game. That’s what Titleist has done with the launch of its new T Series, which is made up of three distinct irons that will replace the company’s AP line.

The T100, T200 and T300 are said to offer a combination of power, performance, playability and feel. The latter two models were constructed using Titleist’s Max Impact technology, which is aimed at providing maximum speed across the entire clubface of each new iron model.

The T100 is the player’s iron and carries a traditional look and feel, with a thinner top line as well as a thinner face to offer more ball speed. It has a forged cavity construction with dual-density tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the long irons. Those are said to give enhanced stability at impact.

The T200 is a combination of a player’s iron that offers more distance. The 4-7 irons were built with the Max Impact technology and feature a very thin forged face insert backed by a polymer dampening material. That is located toward the toe to generate faster ball speed across the entire clubface. Why the toe? That’s where most people miss when they don’t hit dead centre. These irons were built to give high flight and great stopping power on the greens.

Finally, the T300 are the most forgiving of the group with a modern look and a mid-size face in front of a cavity-back design. As with the T200, there is a polymer backing behind the iron face (a product that was designed in conjunction with Titleist’s golf ball engineers). There are also tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the long and mid irons to lower the CG and help improve launch.

In a company press release, Josh Talge, Titleist’s vice-president of golf club marketing, offered the following on the new line.

“The T-Series represents a revolutionary step forward in Titleist iron design and technology. Our Club R&D team is nearly six times the size it was when the first AP iron was introduced 11 years ago. It’s because of that ongoing investment that we’ve been able to make such significant breakthroughs in materials and construction, and learn how to package those technologies into constructions that offer the look, sound and feel that players expect from a Titleist iron.”

Over 20 PGA Tour players have already started using the new T series clubs and Jordan Spieth was involved in the design of the T100.

The irons will be available for fitting starting Aug. 8 and will be in golf shops starting on Aug. 30.