Super League clubs will be holding a video conference call on Tuesday to discuss their next moves following the suspension of play due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and on the docket will be what to do about relegation.

Toronto Wolfpack CEO Bob Hunter says that one option being discussed is scrapping relegation for the year.

Promoted to the Super League for the first time this season, the Wolfpack have started their year by losing their first six games, leaving them at the bottom of the table.

"It has nothing to do with our zero and six record, and I know we're not alone in expressing that," Hunter said of the idea. "We, amongst other clubs, have voiced our opinion that we don't think that this is a good year to do it [relegation] but that's a Rugby Football League decision. The year has been so disruptive, I just don't think it's fair to any team."

Hunter notes that the resumption of play could lead to the Wolfpack having to move home dates back to the United Kingdom. The team was set to host 11 of their 14 home games at Lamport Stadium with the first game originally scheduled for April 18 against Hull.

"There's lots of draft fixtures floating around - they're looking at extending the season by a couple of months and trying to bring in midweek matches which are going to be tough on the players," Hunter said. "It could end up that we have to play more games in the UK than we had planned but, if that is the only hardship, then we stand by what the league wants to do."

The Super League officially suspended operations on March 18.