Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Toronto sports radio is about to change, with TSN unveiling an all-new lineup of shows and hosts on TSN 1050 Toronto beginning Monday, Feb. 22. 

The station's new lineup was announced Thursday afternoon live on-air by hosts Bryan Hayes, Jamie 'Noodles' McLennan, and Jeff 'The O'Dog' O’Neill, who become the voices of TSN 1050's new drive-home show with OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG (weekdays from 4 to 7pm et). 

Also announced today is the pairing of Michael Landsberg – who joins TSN 1050 as a new host – and Dave Naylor in the mornings with NAYLOR & LANDSBERG IN THE MORNING (weekdays from 5:30am to 9am et), plus Andi Petrillo becoming Canada's first female sports radio host as the new voice of TSN 1050's LEAFS LUNCH (weekdays from Noon to 1pm et).

Along with listening on AM 1050 in the Greater Toronto Area, fans can live stream the station at and on the TSN GO app.  

TSN 1050 Toronto’s New Daily Lineup

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-    5:30 to 9am et: NAYLOR & LANDSBERG IN THE MORNING – TSN 1050 Toronto’s new morning show brings together informed opinions from two of Canada's most trusted sports voices. Featuring a roundtable of regular Insiders and experts including James Duthie, Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, and Pierre McGuire, Dave Naylor and Michael Landsberg kick off each morning with thought-provoking discussion surrounding everything from the hottest headlines to some of the overlooked stories from around the world of sports.

-    9am to Noon et: GAME DAY WITH MATT CAUZ – Host Matt Cauz continues to be joined by Gareth Wheeler and the top Insiders and analysts in the game to talk about what Toronto sports fans care about the most – with a little pop culture added in along the way.

-    Noon to 1pm et: LEAFS LUNCH – Headlined by new host Andi Petrillo, LEAFS LUNCH remains the destination for everything Leafs. Featuring a rotation of co-hosts, including TSN Hockey Insiders Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, and Pierre LeBrun, plus TSN Director of Scouting Craig Button and TSN Hockey analyst Dave Poulin, LEAFS LUNCH continues to be the source for trusted Leafs news and analysis, plus a daily look at what’s going on around the league. 

- 1 to 4pm et: RICHARDS 1-4 – Now featured in a new afternoon time slot, Mike Richards continues to bring his unique brand of humour to the biggest stories in sports.

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- 4 to 7pm et: OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG – With a loyal following both on-air and online, Bryan Hayes, Jamie 'Noodles' McLennan, and Jeff 'The O’Dog' O’Neill become the new anchors of TSN 1050’s drive-home slot. Now armed with an extra hour to deliver more fan-favourite segments like Grit Grinders, The Goat Tracker, and Gerry’s Percentages, OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG will continue to talk sports and have fun. TSN Hockey analyst Ray Ferraro joins the show weekdays at 5pm et, while a slate of TSN Insiders and experts also contribute to the show regularly. 

Fans can also follow OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG most weekdays at 6pm et on TSN2 (visit for a confirmed broadcast schedule). 


“We are thrilled to announce these changes to Toronto sports fans and add some entertaining new voices to TSN 1050. In the mornings, TSN 1050 will bring smart, informed debate from two of Canada’s most respected broadcasters with Michael Landsberg and Dave Naylor at the helm. In the afternoons, we welcome a fresh voice to serve the LEAFS LUNCH crowd with an exciting new host in Andi Petrillo. And to everyone who asked for more Hayes, Noodles, and The O’Dog: we heard you, and you’re welcome.”
– Jeff MacDonald, Program Director, TSN 1050 Toronto

“Getting three hours of freedom to talk is really exciting. Naylor and I will do intelligent sports talk, but we’ll have fun with it too. A couple things I promise: I will never back down and I will never let a foolish comment go unchallenged – even from Naylor.” 
– Michael Landsberg, Host, NAYLOR & LANDSBERG IN THE MORNING on TSN 1050 Toronto

“Michael and I will start off each day with some strong debate about the most pressing issues in sports. But we won’t just talk about the obvious storylines out there. We’ll dig deeper to find all kinds of stories that matter to Toronto sports fans.”
– Dave Naylor, Host, NAYLOR & LANDSBERG IN THE MORNING on TSN 1050 Toronto  

“I don’t do quotes. Go ask Bryan.” 
– Jeff O’Neill, Host, OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG on TSN 1050 Toronto

“Noodles, O’Dog, and I are very excited to have even more time to do our show. The way I see it, the only thing that’s changing is that we get to sleep in longer.”
– Bryan Hayes, Host, OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG on TSN 1050 Toronto 

“Me and the guys will do the same stuff at night that we did during the day. That means more Wrangler jokes, more 40/30 Grit Grinders, more Gerry’s Percentages, and everything in between.” 
– Jamie McLennan, Host, OVERDRIVE WITH HAYES, NOODLES & THE O’DOG on TSN 1050 Toronto

“I’m really excited to join the TSN 1050 team as the new host of LEAFS LUNCH. The LEAFS LUNCH guys created such a fun format for the show, and I’m looking forward to carrying that forward while also putting my own spin on it.”   
– Andi Petrillo, Host, LEAFS LUNCH on TSN 1050 Toronto