It appears winning another NBA title and NBA Finals MVP was not enough to silence all of Kawhi Leonard's detractors.

An anonymous Western Conference general manager told Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher that he does not see Leonard as a leader, since his main focus is on himself.

"Kawhi is great getting his, but he doesn't elevate anyone," the general manager said. "He doesn't rally his team."

Leonard, who led the Raptors in points, rebounds and steals during their playoff run, which included rallying the Raptors from a 2-0 deficit against the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Final and a 36-point performance in Game 3 that included eight in double overtime.

An Eastern Conference vice president of player personnel said Leonard may not be a typical leader, but sets an example for his team to follow.

"He does have leadership qualities," he says, "but it depends on how you define 'leader.' He's obviously not vocal, and he's not a galvanizer. He does it with his work ethic and by example."

Leonard - along with Paul George - join a Clippers team that won 48 games last season and finished as the eighth seed in the West.

One Western Conference executive believes the manner in which Leonard and George arranged their union is a portentous omen for the NBA going forward.

"I know players have more juice today and we're a player-friendly league, but it has gotten out of hand," the GM said. "We have players deciding they're not even contracts, they're guidelines and payment structures. Now we have them saying, 'I'm done hoopin' with you guys; I'm going to hoop with my boys.'"