The Canadian Football League has delivered a proposal to the CFL Players' Association targeting an on-time start to the 2021 CFL season in mid June, according to TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor.

Naylor reports the proposal would see players taking a 20 per cent pay cut that would apply if there were no fans allowed into stadiums. Salaries would then be topped-up over the course of the season as fans possibly return to stands. 

"What this proposal calls for is for the players to take an across-the-board 20 per cent pay cut if fans are not allowed in the stands at the start of the season. And then, there is a formula where as fans are allowed into the buildings and teams are able to get the revenues for tickets, players would be topped up," Naylor told SportsCentre. 

Naylor adds that even though CFL teams know stadiums will not be fully open at any point during the 2021 season, players could earn full wages for periods of a potential 2021 season. 

All of this is subject to the CFL's return to play protocol being approved. Naylor reports the protocols are in the hands of provincial governments and the league is expecting to get responses in the coming weeks.

"If the players were to agree to something like this, that would give the league a much better chance at being able to start their season on time in mid June," Naylor said.

"For months we have speculated the CFL season unlikely to start on time based on the presumption that teams would not begin a season without fans in the stands. The CFL proposal Tuesday would be a way around that. Regular season due to start June 10th," Naylor added on Twitter.