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The CFL and its players association ended talks Saturday afternoon, opening the door to the league’s first players strike in nearly four decades. 

With no new talks scheduled, here’s a closer look at the league’s latest offer to its players. 

Term — The CFL is proposing a seven-year term for the new collective agreement. The players have requested that the deal expire 30 days before the opening of training camp in 2029, as opposed to the day before the opening of camps. 

Roster changes beginning in 2023 — There will be seven (7) National Starters, one (1) of whom can be a Nationalized American as defined as any American player who has three years with the same team or four in the CFL. Teams have a choice between 20 or 21 nationals and one or two global players. Each team will have three quarterbacks. 

Guaranteed Contracts — A player who has completed a CFL contract with his team may have the final year of his next contract 50 per cent guaranteed if he re-signs with existing team. If a player is released before final season of that contract, can collect 50 per cent guarantee and still sign with another CFL team. 

Salary Cap — Beginning in 2023, cap will go up a minimum of $100,000 per season (double that of previous CBA). If 25 per cent of revenue growth sharing formula amount is greater than $100,000 then that number will be applied to cap annually. 

Community appearances — Each team commits $110,000 per season to players for community appearances (in addition to salary cap).

Definition of revenue — Will use definition from previous CBA which gives union audit rights. The union and accountant have access to all financial records for review and audit.

Minimum Salary — Goes from $65,000 to $70,000 in 2023. Goes to $75,000 in 2027. 

Padded Practices —  Teams may have one hour of padded practice per week in one day during the Club’s regular season to a maximum of twelve.

Player Rehab and Medical Costs — League will extend coverage from three years post-playing to four years, beginning in 2025.

Timing of season — The CFL can start the season up to 30 days earlier, commencing with the 2023 season. 

Canadians Returning from the NFL — Any Canadian player returning from the NFL after three or more seasons collecting a salary would not be restricted to the CFL rookie scale and have full rights to negotiate a contract with team owning his CFL rights. Each year in the NFL counts for one year on the CFL rookie contract grid. (Three years). 

Flexible Practice times — Teams may hold longer practices at certain times of the week, balanced by shorter sessions at other times. No overall increase in total practice time. 

Increases in pre-season and post-season compensation based on hitting revenue threshold of $300 million. Increases of $100 per week for pre-season, $500 for post-season participation, $2,000 for Grey Cup losers and $4,000 for winners.