Opening Day of the 2020 Major League Baseball season was scheduled for today, but has been pushed back at least several weeks due to COVID-19.

Commissioner Rob Manfred joined the MLB Network to discuss what Major League Baseball might do to salvage the season.  

 “We were talking about more postseason play even before this happened and it might create an opportunity, provided we can make an agreement with the Players Association, to experiment with those newer ideas.” Manfred said.

“I can say some things generally, number one, we’re committed to playing as many baseball games as we can possibly play in 2020, consistent with the public health recommendations.” Adding, “We are open and have had a very positive dialog with the Players Association about adjustments to the traditional scheduling rules that would allow us to play more games and travel more aggressively than we’ve done in the past.”

A shorter regular season and expanded playoffs is also one thing that the MLB is considering, “We’re also focused on a postseason with a shorter regular season.” Manfred said, “I think it opens up the possibility of enhanced postseason play."

Before getting to the playoffs, the league needs to be able to get back to business as usual, right now all of the MLB offices have been closed and workers are doing their jobs remotely.

On top of that, “We’re in daily contact with CDC and the public agencies.” Manfred said, “In addition, we have four or five private infections disease experts who are carefully monitoring the pandemic, giving us advice on how long it’s going to last, when we might return, and what the likely circumstances are for us being able to return.”