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    May 22, 2020

    Ferraro & the guys on moustaches and the boys hand out their awards for the 19-20 NHL Season

    TSN Hockey Analyst Ray Ferraro joined the OverDrive boys earlier today as we head into the weekend & the boys started with a hilarious chat about "Peewee's" Islanders teams and why everyone had moustaches. As well Ray & the boys hand out their NHL Awards for the 2019-2020 NHL season.

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    • May 22

      OverDrive - Hour 1 - May 22nd

      Hour 1 of OverDrive with Bryan Hayes, Jeff O'Neill & Jamie McLennan headed into the weekend as the boys give their thoughts on Hayes' first round of golf this season & how legitimate his scorecard was. As well NHL Hall of Famer & NHL Seattle GM Ron Francis stops by to chat about their expansion plans & the pressure on them following the success of the Golden Knights

    • May 22

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      Ron Francis diving right in as NHL GM in Seattle Article Image 0

      Ron Francis on golfing with the O-Dog, Seattle's expansion draft & the difficulty in following the Golden Knights model

      NHL Hall of Famer & GM for the Seattle NHL Franchise Ron Francis joined the OverDrive boys earlier today to chat about how Seattle has been handling their operations amidst Covid-19. He touched on that, as well as Seattle's expectations heading into their upcoming expansion draft & on the pressure facing them following the success of the Golden Knights

    • May 22

      Up Next
      Tyron Woodley

      TSN MMA Show - Episode 143

      Aaron discusses several myths surrounding Tyron Woodley, why Jon Jones has picked a bad time to negotiate moving to heavyweight and why Marc Montoya made the difficult, but correct decision to let the Anthony Smith bout go on for as long as it did. Guest: Alex Perez

    • May 22

      Game Day: May 22, 2020 - Hour 2

      In the second hour of Game Day, Matt Cauz talks to Sports Illustrated writer Stephanie Apstein about Roy Halladay, his issues off the field and in the past, the grief his family faced and then Matt discusses the proposed 24-team playoff format for the NHL's return with The Athletic's Scott Burnside.

    • May 22

      Game Day: May 22, 2020 - Hour 1

      In the first hour of Game Day, Matt Cauz gets into the fun potential that the NHL's 24-team playoff format has. Then former SI writer and the author of "Audacity of Hoop", Alexander Wolff, joins Game Day to chat about what he wants to see from the Lance Armstrong doc, his 2012 column on Armstrong and more. Matt also talks about where he was on this day 26 years ago, when the Toronto Raptors received their official name.

    • May 22

      Up Next
      Alex Ovechkin

      NHL's Chief Content Officer on what broadcasts could look like if season resumes and more

      NHL's Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer joins Andi Petrillo and Jamie McLennan on Leafs Lunch to discuss the content the league has created to showcase players' personality and keep fans engaged during the pause, what the NHL broadcasts could look like if the season returns with no fans and if he has a player in mind to be part of a 'Last Dance' style documentary.

    • May 22

      Leafs Lunch: May 22, 2020 - Hour 2

      Andi Petrillo is joined by OverDrive co-host Jamie McLennan followed by Game Day host Matt Cauz in hour two of Leafs Lunch. Andi and Jamie discuss the struggles with NHLPA meetings like the one held last night and attempting to appease 700 voices and why things might get spirited. Then they are joined by the NHL's Chief Content Officer Steve Mayer to describe what his game plan has been since the league went on pause.

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