After going 128-127-1 in the regular season, TSN's Chris Schultz is back with his playoff picks for Wild Card Weekend.

Arizona at Carolina (-4.5)

Both teams are limping into the playoffs in different ways. For Carolina, they finished the season with a record of 7-8-1, winning the division but they are not a winning team by any means. With Arizona, they have won two of the last six games after starting 9-1. The best aspect of football for the Cardinals is their ability to pressure quarterbacks on any and every 3rd down opportunity. They have a very complex blitz package and execute it extremely well. For Carolina, it is about Cam Newton and his ability to move and make things happen. Arizona has had trouble with mobile quarterbacks as Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick combined to run for 278 yards. In the playoffs, it does get back to those who handle the ball the most: Newton over Lindley. Panthers

Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-3)

A lot will depend on the heath and anticipated playing ability of LeVeon Bell. If he is even close to 100 per cent, his running ability gives the Steelers a big advantage. Also, Antonio Brown had 129 receptions, second most in NFL history and the Ravens are 24th in pass defence. Both teams dominated at home with the Ravens winning 26-6 in Week 2 and the Steelers winning 43-23 in Week 9. But going into the playoffs, Pittsburgh has won their last four games while Baltimore lost in Houston and should have dominated Cleveland but didn't. Steelers

Cincinnati at Indianapolis (-3.5)

Both teams have had good seasons with double-digit wins. The strength of Cincinnati is the combination of Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard. One is power, one is speed and if they are both productive, the Bengals are tough to stop. The strength of the Colts revolves around Andrew Luck. With 40 touchdown passes, he has no fear of extending plays on his own. Back in Week 7, Indianapolis beat Cincinnati, 27-0 and the score flattered the Bengals. It won't be 27-0 again but... Colts

Detroit at Dallas (-7)

Sometimes football is a very simple game. If Detroit overloads the line of scrimmage to contain and limit DeMarco Murray, they are taking a risk and the risk is Dez Bryant. There are few players, if any, that can contain or limit his inevitable success in 1-on-1. Can Dallas be beaten right in AT&T stadium? Yes, they can. Every now and then, they give up the big play at the wrong time. But of the eight teams in this year's wild card playoff round, the Cowboys are playing their best football right now. Cowboys