Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Brent Seabrook has returned to the ice after his season was cut short after surgery.

The 35-year-old last played in December before undergoing a trio of surgeries to his right shoulder (Dec. 27), left hip (January) and right hip (Feb. 6). Seabrook was spotted wearing a white non-contact helmet during Thursday's voluntary practice.

He appeared in just 32 games for the Blackhawks in 2019-20, registering three goals and four points. After his February surgery, Seabrook was given a five to six month recovery time.

The Blackhawks are set to take on the Edmonton Oilers in the qualifying round when play resumes in August. Defenceman Calvin De Haan also joined in at practice after having shoulder surgery in December.

"He's a warrior," Chicago general manager Stan Bowman said of Seabrook in January. "He never complained once with the stuff he was dealing with. When he finally took a step back and looked at what he's been playing through for a long time, some of these injuries have been there for several years, but he was the type of guy who never wanted to talk about it, just put your head down and keep playing. I think he deserves a lot of credit or admiration of the way he's handled it. He's a real character player. He's been a big part of this team."