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UEFA Euro 2020 Schedule

TSN 1050 is your official home for UEFA Euro 2020 coverage! If you miss any games, you can re-live all the action here.

Round of 16

Date Time (ET) Matchup
Sat, June 26 12:00pm Wales vs. Denmark
Sat, June 26 3:00pm Italy vs. Austria
Sun, June 27 12:00pm Netherlands vs. Czech Republic
Sun, June 27 3:00pm Belgium vs. Portugal
Mon, June 28 12:00pm Croatia vs. Spain
Mon, June 28 3:00pm France vs. Switzerland
Tue, June 29 12:00pm England vs. Germany
Tue, June 29 3:00pm Sweden vs. Ukraine


Group Stage

Date Time (ET) Matchup
Fri, June 11 3:00pm Turkey vs. Italy
Sat, June 12 9:00am Wales vs. Switzerland
Sat, June 12 12:00pm Denmark vs. Finland
Sat, June 12 3:00pm Belgium vs. Russia
Sun, June 13 9:00am  England vs. Croatia
Sun, June 13 12:00pm  Austria vs. North Macedonia 
Sun, June 13 3:00pm  Netherlands vs. Ukraine 
 Mon, June 14 12:00pm  Poland vs. Slovakia 
 Mon, June 14 3:00pm  Spain vs. Sweden 
Tue, June 15 12:00pm  Hungary vs. Portugal 
Tue, June 15 3:00pm  France vs. Germany 
Wed, June 16 9:00am Finland vs. Russia 
Wed, June 16 12:00pm Turkey vs. Wales 
 Wed, June 16 3:00pm  Italy vs. Switzerland 
Thu, June 17  9:00am  Ukraine vs. North Macedonia 
Thu, June 17  12:00pm  Denmark vs. Belgium 
 Thu, June 17 3:00pm  Netherlands vs. Austria 
Fri, June 18  9:00am  Sweden vs. Slovakia 
Fri, June 18  12:00pm  Croatia vs. Czech Republic 
 Fri, June 18 3:00pm England vs. Scotland 
Sat, June 19  9:00am  Hungary vs. France 
Sat, June 19  12:00pm  Portugal vs. Germany 
Sat, June 19  3:00pm  Spain vs. Poland 
Sun, June 20  12:00pm  Italy vs. Wales 
Mon, June 21  12:00pm North Macedonia vs. Netherlands 
Mon, June 21  3:00pm  Russia vs. Denmark 
Tue, June 22  3:00pm  Czech Republic vs. England 
Wed, June 23  12:00pm  Slovakia vs. Spain 
Wed, June 23  3:00pm  Portugal vs. France 


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