Since multiple reports indicate the NBA is planning to restart its 2019-20 season in Orlando at the end of the July, the league's top seeds are searching for an alternative to home-court advantage according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin.

McMenamin reports several title-contending franchises are having internal discussions about how to make up for the loss of home-court ahead of the league's board of governors call scheduled for Thursday. While home-court would be impossible to replicate at a neutral-site location like Disney World, that hasn't stopped teams from attempting to find a way to reproduce the advantage in another way.

McMenamin notes that no plan has been proposed yet and even if one is put forward, it is unlikely to pass because it would require two-thirds of the board's vote as well as the approval of the National Basketball Players Association.

As for the possibilities of what could be done to help replicate a home-court advantage, sources told McMenamin anything ranging from an extra start-of-quarter possession, a designated player allowed to commit seven fouls before automatic ejection as opposed to six and even first-choice of hotel accommodation has been discussed internally for the higher seed.

McMenamin adds the league's competition committee held a meeting Tuesday but none of the potential home-court advantage alternatives were raised.

Multiple reports from earlier on Wednesday indicated the league is targeting a 22-team restart beginning on July 31. The NBA's season halted on the evening of March 11 after Utah Jazz centre Rudy Gobert was revealed to have tested positive for COVID-19.