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TSN 1050 Greatest Masters Moments Final Matchup



Which Masters Moment should be crowned champion?

    Oh My Goodness Conference


    • Oct 27, 2020

      (1) Tiger's Chip

      Why even bother explaining this. It’s the most famous chip in golf. Uncle Verne Lundquist with a call for the ages.

    • Oct 28, 2020

      (4) Mize's Miracle Chip

      Everyone knows Jack won in ’86, but it was thanks to Greg Norman’s horrendous bogey on 18. Well, Norman came right back the next year and got into a playoff with Larry Mize and Seve Ballesteros. Mize decided to add to Norman’s misery with this.

    • Oct 27, 2020

      (5) Oosthuizen's Albatross

      A double-eagle is as rare as it gets in golf to begin with. But one on the final round of The Masters, on a hole where no one had ever done it before? That’s as rare as rare gets.

    • Oct 28, 2020

      (6) Spieth's Meltdown

      Jordan Spieth was the Golden Boy and looked poised to become a repeat Masters winner. Until he stepped on the tee box of 12 and proceeded to put two balls into Rae’s Creek. No one saw this coming, especially Spieth who likely still hasn’t fully recovered from the shock of what he did.

    • Oct 29, 2020

      (7) Sergio!

      73 major appearances and nothing to show for it. Sergio Garcia showed up for #74 looking like he was headed towards joining a not so illustrious group of great players to never win a major. It didn’t come easy as Sergio ended up in a playoff with Justin Rose.

    • Oct 27, 2020

      (8) Hoch's Choke

      Give Scott Hoch 1000 balls on a practice green and ask him to make a two-foot putt and he’ll pour in every one of them. But ask him to make a two-foot putt to win The Masters and that’s an entirely different situation. That’s all he had. A two-foot putt to beat Sir Nick Faldo. However…


    Yessir! Conference


    • Oct 28, 2020

      (1) Jack in '86

      Nothing needs to be said. Up until Tiger’s win last year it stood alone as the greatest Masters win of all-time. And the exclamation point was this putt on 17. Uncle Verne Lundquist again.

    • Oct 29, 2020

      (3) Tiger Slam

      Up until this moment, no golfer had ever held all four of golf’s major championships at once. Tiger had eight months to sleep on completing the slam. He was ready.

    • Oct 28, 2020

      (5) Great White Shart

      Oh my goodness. Greg Norman is featured in three of our Masters Moments for all the wrong reasons, but ’96 was Norman’s choking masterpiece. A six-stroke lead headed into the final round. No one loses six stroke leads. Unless your name is Greg Norman.

    • Oct 29, 2020

      (6) Phil's 1st

      He gambled and lost. Went for it when he should have laid up. Lost to Tiger over and over and over. It was beginning to look like Phil Mickelson was never going to break through. Until 2004...

    • Oct 28, 2020

      (7) Couples Defies Gravity

      Fred Couples one and only major win. He steps on the tee box of 12 and proceeds to hit a weak, fading iron that is coming up short. If it hits the side of the bank, it’s supposed to fall into Rae’s Creek. But somehow it didn’t. Freddie saved par and eventually won.

    • Oct 28, 2020

      (8) Bend It Like Bubba

      10th hole. Playoff vs. Louis Oosthuizen. Bubba Watson is in jail in the trees, 144 yards from the green. There is no direct shot to be had. So what does Bubba do? He pulls out a pitching wedge and hooks a shot 40 yards around the trees and onto the green for his first major win.