Trevor Bauer is never one to stay silent.

The outspoken Cincinnati Reds right-hander took to Twitter Monday night following news of the MLB's decision to likely impose a 60-game season after they and the Major League Baseball Players Association could not reach a deal to play a shortened season.

Many fear what implications such an ugly labour dispute in the middle of a public health crisis might have on baseball's perception going forward. Count Bauer among them.

"It's absolute death for this industry to keep acting as it has been. Both sides. We're driving the bus straight off a cliff. How is this good for anyone involved? Covid 19 already presented a lose lose lose situation and we've somehow found a way to make it worse. Incredible," Bauer tweeted.

With the collective bargaining agreement set to expire after the 2021 season, Bauer says that's the time to get deep into negotiations. Not during a global pandemic.

"If there's going to be a fight the time for that fight is after the '21 season when a new CBA is negotiated. 5 years of potential change. We're doing irreparable damage to our industry right now over rules that last AT MOST 16 months. WTF kind of sense does that make?"

MLB's latest offer to the union was for 60 games and included expanded playoffs along with an additional $25 million share. Now, the players or the league won't get any of that but will still play 60 games. Bauer thinks the MLBPA rejected the league's latest offer so it can proceed with a grievance.

"So we gave up shares of playoff money, eliminating the qualifying offer for 2021, paycheck advance forgiveness, Covid 19 protections, and protection for non guaranteed arb contracts for next year in order to hold on to our right to file a grievance..." he tweeted.

MLB said in a statement released Monday night it was giving the union until Tuesday evening to sign off on a July 1 spring training reporting date as well as the league's list of health and safety protocols.

Opening Day was originally supposed to take place on March 26 before the coronavirus pandemic pushed back the start of the season indefinitely.